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    We deliver the lift truck parts you need right when you need them.

    Carolina Handling carries forklift parts manufactured by Raymond, RayBuilt and Durasource to ensure that we have what you need, when you need it. Our high same day fill rate provides unequaled service and significantly reduces downtime.

    Whether it's a one-off purchase to fix a down forklift or an entire consignment inventory to support a large fleet, we've got the parts you need for nearly every make and model of lift truck.

  • remanufactured motors
  • shipping accuracy
  • line items

Forks, Chargers & More

Looking for additional forks, clamps, or battery chargers? What about integrated telematics to provide you with data on your operators and equipment from nearly anywhere? We've got the products and solutions you need to improve productivity and efficiency in your warehouse.

  • Shaft Forks | Forklift Attachments | Lift Truck Parts

    Forks and Attachments

    We carry a complete line of forks and forklift attachments—everything from clamps and rotators, to sideshifters and push/pulls. If your operations requires it, we've got it in stock and ready to ship.

  • Forklift Battery Charger | Power Management | Warehouse Products

    Battery Chargers

    Meet our innovative line of high frequency battery chargers, which incorporate cutting edge modular power design to deliver peak efficiency—capable of conventional, opportunity and fast charging.

  • Warehouse Management System | Forklift Telematics | Impact Alert Monitoring

    Forklift Monitoring System

    iWAREHOUSE provides real-time monitoring, allowing managers to promote accountability and monitor compliance, receive impact alerts, and view the status of their forklifts, operators and batteries.

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